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Wednesday, May 30

Tagged by Breezy

1. I have a fur covered vibrator on my knee right now. Holly finally heard the thunder outside and now she won't stop shaking until the thunder goes away.

2. Be back after the storm. Okay, I'm back. Wow. That was quite a light show! Lots of snapping and cracking too. Had to unplug everything. I'm really beginning to dread thunderstorms because of how much Holly reacts to them. I think she needs doggie downers.

3. I hope my freshly planted flowers at the cottage didn't get washed down the hill into the lake.

4. My cupboards need to be cleaned out. At this point I think moving would be a good idea so I could get rid of a bunch of stuff.

5. I still have some of Augie's favorite easter eggs in a bowl on the table.

6. My bedroom/bathroom is still not put back together since our renovations in April. Hopefully it will be finished by September.

7. Mary on "So You Think You Can Dance" drives me crazy when she laughs.

8. My Mom & Dad want us to go to a family reunion on the Canada Day long weekend. I just looked up the little town where it will be held and the next town over is called Maple Leaf, Ontario. Somehow that just seems like an appropriate place to spend Canada Day if I can't be at the cottage.

Not sure who is left to tag so I'll say MTW, Meemo and Supes <------- goes with a male theme

Wednesday, May 16

Who's hungry?

I? Am a bonehead. A couple weeks ago one of my friends gave me the "starter mix" for Amish Friendship Bread. If you haven't heard about it, you get a baggie with a cup of liquidy mix that you have to nuture and squish for 10 days before you bake. Last week I baked up my two loaves. I took one to work and kept one for us. It was delicious and everyone at work raved about it. Before you bake you put one cup of starter into 4 more baggies and pass it on to your friends, or you can keep one for yourself so you can make it again in another 10 days.

I gave two ladies at work a starter and was going to keep one for myself and give one to my Mom as part of her Mother's Day gift. We were supposed to go to their place last Friday but I ended up visiting the hospital instead (long story but I'm fine other than a future colonoscopy). I asked my Mom to drop by my office and pick up this thing I had growing for her. I'm pretty sure she thought it might be a puppy and never showed up. Today was day 10 again so I gave Mom's package to another lady at work and came home to bake another two loaves.

The recipe tells you to sprinkle a cinnamon/sugar mixture over the top before baking. It makes a very nice "crust" on the top. I may have sprinkled too much on top this time because I had extra mixture sitting on top when I pulled the loaves out of the oven. I picked up one loaf with the oven mitts and decided to dump the excess off by tipping the loaf over the sink full of soapy water that was waiting for the loaf pans to be washed. Can you guess where this is going?

Plop! You guessed it. The entire thing slipped out of my hands and into the soapy water. I grabbed it back out as quick as I could but the loaf had already soaked up about a quart of water. *snort* How bad is it that I considered putting it back in the oven to dry it out.

Anyone want cake?

Tuesday, May 1

Storm Warning!!!

Finally, for Carey and any other Storm fans out there...

Three weeks ago Storm Large and Gilbey Clarke came to North Bay. We had front row seats. Storm came out after the Canadian warm up band, Channel One. They were annoying trying to tell everyone to stand up. Hey kids, we'll stand up when Storm and Gilbey show up. You should just sing and get the hell off the stage. *grin*

Storm came out and told us that she was there with only one Ball. She said that she was going to show us her vulnerable side and that she'd be back later in the summer with all her Balls for a rockin' concert.

She was amazing! Absolutely freakin' amazing. Funny, powerful, raunchy, hypnotizing, soft, and sexy as hell. After her first song I was ready to switch teams. I had joked earlier that I was going to be the only one of our foursome that wouldn't be drooling over Storm (we went with our real-life lesbian sidekicks) but it didn't take long before she captivated me completely.

After an intermission where I tried to find out where she was signing autographs, Gilbey hit the stage. He's um, very tiny in person. I wasn't even completely convinced it was him at first. He looked different in person. We had all knew that Gilbey could play guitar but the burning question was could he sing? That question was answered fairly quickly. Not so much. I would have been quite happy if the entire show had been Storm. I'm fairly certain the majority of the audience agreed. Near the end of his show Storm wandered out on stage wearing jeans under her dress she'd worn earlier. The crowd went wild.

We left while Gilbey was doing his encore (minus his t-shirt). It was 11:15pm and we still had to go rescue our friends who ran out of gas on the way to the concert (in my old car). It was 12:30am by the time we got home and we had to be up at 5am. But Stormy made it all worthwhile. My friend's daughter bought a tshirt and Storm autographed it. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to take my picture with Storm. *pout*

I had really meant to get this posted sooner but life just keeps getting in the way. From Friday night to Sunday night we're at the cottage without internet access, Monday night I'm playing catch-up on laundry and stuff at home, Tuesday night is volleyball night (on my way shortly), and that only leaves Wednesday night for free time because on Thursday night I have Survivor and packing for the cottage.!!!
We Will Rock You is playing in Toronto right now and Sweet Suzie McNeill is in it!!! I've GOT to see it!!! This summer just won't be the same without RockStar to watch. *pout*