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Sunday, November 23

Holly is a Bonehead

She has developed this weird habit of needing permission to jump up on the footrest of the lazyboy chair when I'm in it. As soon as I sit down she comes running and wants up. I can't sit in the chair without reclining because she needs her spot. But she can't just come over and jump up...she has to sit in front of it and sneeze and bark until I "invite" her to come up. The invitation involves me saying okay and tapping the arm of the chair. *rolls eyes*

More Holly weirdness? When she comes in to get up on my bed, she will only jump up on it in one spot. If there are cords from my laptop on the floor at that spot she'll sit and whine because she can't get up. *shakes head*

She had another seizure last week. The vet isn't overly concerned. She had bloodwork on Thursday and we'll probably have to increase her meds when we get results. She's also gained some weight. She's 5.3kg now. Up from 4.9kg. She's such a little porker. This picture was taken a few months ago. There's no green grass showing at the moment.


Blogger Swami said...

Holly looks so cute in her pic! Is the snow over her head yet? lol...

When my collie aged she could no longer see or hear very well, and missed a lot of the subtle "permission" cues she had always relied on to be a Good Girl. Maybe Holly has a similar problem.

I had always been very particular that she not just bound outside when someone opened a door - she had to be given permission. For the last month of her life I had to stand by the open door yelling "okay!" in a very loud voice while simultaneously making an exaggerated, sweeping away you go gesture with my entire arm. Poor old Midnight. She was just being a Good Girl.

Sun. Nov. 23, 07:00:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Tummy said...

Diesel does the same thing - asks permission to get on the couch with me. Yet when come home sometimes I catch him sleeping on the sofa. Wonder who gives him permission then! Brat :)

She looks like such a sweetie, bet she's missing the green grass.

Lol on the yelling and arm sweep Swami.

Mon. Nov. 24, 09:39:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Breezy said...

We think Morgan's eyesite is bad. She will bark crazy at us until we talk and then she recognizes us and stops.

Mon. Nov. 24, 10:45:00 a.m. EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is such a little cutie.

Do you think her seizure has anything to do with her behaviour?

Fri. Nov. 28, 08:12:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

I think that some of her weird behavior is possibly tied to the seizures, or maybe whatever's causing the seizures.

After a huge storm that we had in July 2006 she started being a basket case when she heard thunder or saw lightning. It got to the point where we couldn't even take a picture of her because of the flash.

Since she's started taking the meds (which they increased this week) she doesn't seem to have those "panic" attacks. She no longer shakes uncontrollably in the car. I'm not complaining about that part. *grin*

Sat. Nov. 29, 10:25:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Bravie said...

That's odd behavior? *head tilt* Holly has obviously been a normal dog all this time. All of my cats do weird shit like that all the time. You have to beg Poopy to please come sit on your lap and give love. She sits there looking at you until you beg her. Freak.
*smooches Holly*

Sun. Nov. 30, 10:30:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Puffy said...

We went for a nice long walk in 75 degree weather today, after our picnic. Jealous yet? Anyway, a little dog started to follow us and I thought of Holly. She was little and gray and white. Holly's fur looks so soft.

Sun. Nov. 30, 06:04:00 p.m. EST  

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