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Thursday, December 20

I Got Mail...

...and it was FUNNY! :D

Anyone want to play Guesstures? *giggle* I have some very fun words to play with!

*smooooches MTW*

Sunday, December 9

I'm late!

No, I'm not pregnant, I'm late in wishing my Swami the happiest of birthdays! *grin*

Happy Birthday Swamibaby! Hope that Tom has something special planned for you. *wink* I also hope that 2008 brings us the chance to finally meet in person.

I celebrated until 4am in honor of your special day. Now I'm off to bed.

Saturday, December 1

You are getting sleepy...

Apparently that's not how one gets hypnotized regardless of what you see on tv. Dusterboy went to a hypnotist on Monday to quit smoking. So far, so good. He's had a few cravings but not nearly as many as I thought he would. He actually goes long periods of time without even thinking about a smoke.

One of the girls I work with said her husband quit through hypnosis. He quit for 5 years and then started again. He smoked for three years and then quit again 3 1/2 years ago. I sure hope it works for Dusterboy. They hypnosis cost $80 but he can go back as many times as he wants for free if he feels he needs a little help the next time she's in town.

He has been snacking a little more. Tonight he was having a particularily rough craving for a cigarette and he was repeating, "I'm a non-smoker, I am smoke-free" as he walked through the kitchen looking for something to snack on. He then changed his chant to, "I am an eater, what will I eat next?" *snort*

I am still smoking. For now. I don't smoke in front of him and I'm down to about 3 a day from about 7 a day. I do plan to quit once I'm convinced he's going to stick with this and when I'm ready. One thing I've learned about quitting is that I have to be doing it on my own timetable. I've quit before while he was still smoking and ended up starting again because he was always smoking in front of me. For now I'm smoking in the bathroom (or the car) because it's too effing cold to go outside! It was -25C here this morning! It's freaking December 1st! It's not supposed to be THAT cold until January!

Any good vibes and non-smoking thoughts would be greatly appreciated!