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Monday, May 29


Quick update.

1. I booked my room for Niagara Falls! Can't wait! I was going to book a room at Weltek's hotel until I found out it was on the US side. Not that I have a problem with the US of A, it's just easier for us to stay on the Canuck side. I ended up getting a deal by cashing in my AirMiles so the room is only costing me about $130 Cdn for two nights. I only wish I was buying a new car BEFORE the trip instead of in the fall. We may see if we can borrow a friend's car for the trip. Our a/c is toast. One friend of ours borrowed our car (when it was all shiney new) for a trip to southern Ontario so turn about is fair play.

2. While weeding my vegetable garden and preparing it to plant on the weekend, I somehow managed to completely FRY a three inch strip across the small of my back. I'm serious. Totally fried! I spent most of yesterday on the couch laying on an icepack. I had no idea my back was exposed as I was bent over picking weeds. I really wished it had been Pantless Wednesday today because wearing pants was very painful today.

3. I finally got the disc with the RockStar pics today. I'll try to get the pictures posted this week. I may even post a picture of my sizzling back.

4. It's freaking hot and humid and there are scary dark clouds and extremely loud thunder happening outside right now so I'm signing off.

Miss you all! *smoooches*

Wednesday, May 17

The Concert!

WOW!!! What a show! We were blown away by it! I'm still kicking my ass that I left my camera in the car. I could have had unbelievable pictures. We were about 20 feet from the stage and at times Suzie, Mig and Tye walked right past us. One of the girls I work with took pictures and she's promised to email some to me. She was telling me about the picture of Mig's bare abs that she kept enlarging and drooling over last night.

Suzie was definitely the star of the show and Mig was pretty awesome too. A girl sitting beside Dave yelled out for him to take his shirt off and he finally did after more prompting. He threw it out into the crowd but wanted it back, and actually got it back! Suzie's family was sitting across the aisle from us and she spent lots of time singing to them. Tye wasn't my favorite on the show but he blew us away. He's a great entertainer. When he sang No Woman, No Cry I was completely hooked.

Tara was okay. I barely remembered her from the show but she can sing. She sang Rock & Roll by Zepplin, or as Dave would call it, the Cadillac song. Mig's "Baby, I Love Your Way" was a big hit for me because of my love for all things Frampton. Suzie sang Loosing My Religion, Start Me Up, and Believe (one of her own songs). There were more but neither Dave or I can remember them. Someone sang All Right Now. As an encore they all came back and sang Bohemian Rhapsody with Suzie and Mig taking the lead. It was so fucking cool! I was dancing in front of my seat all night!

North Bay is known for having a laid back crowd at concerts but everyone was on their feet through the whole show. It lasted about 3 hours with a warmup band, a 20 minute break and then the RockStars. They only played in Toronto (at a bar after the INXS concert on Sunday night) and North Bay. The concert in North Bay was put together in two weeks and sold out. Suzie has relatives in North Bay and that was a big reason why they came here. She even had her Aunt Lisa up on stage during one song.

It really was an amazing show. I'm not a big concert goer but I jumped at the chance to see them. I only wish that I hadn't had to get up so early the next morning. The girl I work with ended up meeting all of them after the show in the parking lot after the crowd left. They all signed autographs for her kids and took pictures with them all. Mig got a phone call from his wife while they were doing that and he talked to her right in front of them all. She said that they were all very genuine and nice. She told me today that while Mig was arranging himself and the kids for the picture she had to fight off the urge to shove her children aside and jump into the picture with Mig.

One of the guys Dave works with was there with his kids too. His daughter was pulled up onto the stage by Tye and he sang to her. She also got autographs and pictures after the show in the parking lot. Again, I'm kicking myself that we took off so quickly. Dammit!

Here's a link to some pictures from the local radio station.

I'll post some pictures when my coworker gets around to email them to me. It won't likely be until next week though. We're heading to the cottage (maybe even tomorrow night) for the long weekend. It's MAY TWO FOUR!!! That's a big weekend in Canada in case you didn't know. I've got 4 girlfriends coming to the cottage on Saturday night and the guys are going to battle the blackflies at a friend's camper. Then on Sunday we're all going for a four wheeler ride. Should be fun.

Gotta run! Miss you all! *smoooches*

Monday, May 8

The Co-Workers...

As promised, some thoughts and observations on my new co-workers.

Aging Dumb Blonde

I swear these are the only words to describe K. She babbles non-stop about absolutely nothing in a completely stereotypical "dumb blonde" type voice. The first couple weeks I would stop working and chat (read: listen) with her but now I try to look busy when she loiters outside my office door. She's nice enough but it only took me a couple weeks to figure out that she likes to babble. K has told me that she has a vertigo problem and feels dizzy all the time. I'm not completely convinced that it doesn't have more to do with the color of her hair rather than an ear issue. She's also known as the "drawer police" around the office. Should she walk by your office and see that your drawer is open she'll stop and warn you of the dangers of leaving it open. I thought I was the only one to receive the lecture until I mentioned it in passing to my boss and she laughed and said that was K's thing. The other girl who started the same day as me (M) has already received the lecture too. *giggle* We were talking about it today and laughed how we felt like naughty children being scolded about open drawers. I've left my desk drawers open for 20 years and have yet to injure myself because of it.

George Carlin the Safety Dude

M and I had a plant tour with the Safety Dude during our first week. When he showed up to get us I immediately thought he had to be George Carlin's younger brother. He has a goatee that hangs about three inches from his chin and he sounds just like Carlin. He does not, however, use the seven words. At least, not yet. He's a Harley owner and into yoga and he bows to me every time he leaves my office. Nice guy, just kinda unique.

M the Other New Girl

M and I started on the same day and everyone gets our names mixed up. We're getting used to it. She's a couple years younger than I am and I really like her. She's fun and we share a bit of a bond because we started together. The first time I saw her walk away from me I couldn't help but think that she looked like she'd spent too much time on a horse. I hope that doesn't sound mean, it was just a silent observation. I couldn't help but giggle to myself when I found out that she does indeed own horses.

Mean Jean - Part Two

So on my first morning G, my boss, took me for a tour to introduce me to the co-workers. The first office we stopped at was the lady who does hourly payroll. Her name is Jeanne and she's anything but mean. It did make me snicker a little though. Last week the operations manager met her in the hallway outside my office and asked, "How's Mean Jean today?" My heart skipped a little beat and I had to go down the hall to her office to tell her about the Mean Jean thing. I did assure her that I didn't think she was anything like the other Mean Jean.

That's all I can think of for the moment.


Monday, May 1

Rock Star INXS heads north!

On the way home tonight I heard on the radio that some of the contestants from last summer's Rock Star were coming to our fair city. I couldn't wait to get home to call the box office and reserve our seats. Unfortunately the box office was closed by the time I got home so I had to reserve online. It was a first for me but I've got 3rd row seats! Woohoo! Sure JD's not going to be amongst them but Sweet Suzie is and so is Mick! Dusterboy and I are so excited about this. For $20 each we get to see them and the house band (which in our humble opinion is far better that INXS). Two weeks from tonight we'll be rocking with the Rock Stars! Woohoo!

The job is still really great with the exception of the internet thing. I really miss being able to check in and play with you all but sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. Friday's paycheck made my sadness about the internet usage a little easier to take. We spent the weekend at the cottage hooking up the water. On Saturday night we had two other couples and their kids up for a rather boisterous game of horse race. It was so much fun. There were 6 adults, 3 kids and 4 dogs. Quite a cottage full.

We were puppysitting my sister's dog, Casey. On Saturday morning I was in the bedroom trying on some new clothes from Sears when I looked out the window and spotted Casey across the road. I freaked! If something happened to Casey on my watch I'd have to leave the country. I ran out the door and slipped on the floor and my shoulder landed on the uninstalled water pump but I bounced back up and kept running for Casey. Thankfully, I got her back in the yard without a scratch. This was the second weekend in a row that we puppysat a dog and I'm ready for a weekend off. Holly knows her parameters up there but visiting dogs don't so you have to watch them every second.

I'm feeling completely out of the loop lately but trust me when I say that you all are never far from my thoughts. Miss me just a little, k?