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Wednesday, December 17

We Adopted a Family!

I think I may have finally found some Christmas spirit! My family ~ Mom & Dad, sister and her family, and us ~ are adopting a single mom and her two young sons this year. We're bringing Christmas to them and I couldn't be more excited.

My sister works for Children's Aid and when she emailed me the details about the family I sat in my office and cried. I'm more excited about buying for them than for my own family...mostly because nobody in my family is in dire need of anything.

While shopping tonight I found a silver angel ornament that says "Believe" on it. Also picked up a Jenga game, some Blistex Silk & Shine, and some Sponge Bob Bandaids. I'm going out again tomorrow to buy more stuff. My sister bought a little baby sleigh because the mom walks the 9 year old to school every morning and was trying to push a stroller through the snow. We're going to fill the sleigh up with things and then wrap presents for each of them. Then we'll likely buy her some grocery store gift cards. Any other ideas? We have to have this ready for Monday.

Wednesday, December 3

Incredibly Sad PSA...

I work with Tom Sr., the father and grandfather of those who died. Please make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your home. If you're stuck for a gift? Give someone a detector.

I don't know how Tom and his family are going to get through this.