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Monday, October 20

My bird is sleeping...

On Saturday we had a few friends over for a 4 wheeler ride. It was the first time one of my girlfriends had ever been on a 4 wheeler and she LOVED it. We left our house and headed up to the tower (where I took Carey and Breezy last fall). We took some drinks with us and had a really fun day. The second stop was at a camp on the Ottawa River and the third stop was at a remote lake.

It was at this third stop that we met up with a guy who was out partridge hunting with his Dad and two daughters. The girls were sooooo freakin' cute. They were 7 and 3 and had long blonde curly hair. They wore hunter orange fleece and were having a blast. The 7 year old was walking around carrying a dead partridge and cradling it in her arms like a puppy. The partridge's head was flopping around and she's gently pick it up and reposition it as she petted it. She told my friend that her bird was sleeping. *snort* We had had a couple drinks by this point and had a lot of trouble keeping our giggles on the inside.

Can you say redneck?

Monday, October 13

Things I'm Thankful for...

My family. We had a great day together yesterday. Everyone is healthy and happy and it really was a lot of fun. We played a beanbag baseball with the entire family and my neice Melissa hit a grand slam homerun. She was so excited.

The weather. I could not have asked for better weather for Thanksgiving weekend! Sunny and hot! I felt more like laying on the dock suntanning than pulling it out of the water and it was so perfect for our family pictures yesterday. We were actually looking for shade.

Health. While I have a bit of a sore back from all the work we did this weekend, I can't complain. My Mom took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 106 over 64. I had been concerned because I have been having pressurey type headaches lately that I thought were related to my neck problems but I was a little worried they could be high blood pressure.

Friends. Not only my wonderful real life friends but my fanastic on line friends. Next weekend we're having a bunch of people here for a 4 wheeler ride. Carey? Breezy? Wanna go? We're going to be going up to the tower again.

My Favourite Websites. OT, BNB, Blogworld, Facebook and a couple others. Without them I'd have to do a lot more housework.

Phone Call. The one that came in last week to say that I don't have to show up for Jury Duty tomorrow morning. I think it would have been interesting to see how the process worked but I wouldn't have wanted to end up involved in a gruesome trial.

Clorox Wipes. I have containers everywhere now. They're so handy for quick cleanups.

Hope all the Canuck bloggers had a great weekend and are sufficiently stuffed. :D

Monday, October 6

There's a Happy Fox Nearby

Saturday morning Dusterboy and I went up to the cottage to take the boat out of the water and pick up a few things we needed. He drove the truck and trailer over to the landing while I drove the boat. It took him a while to get there so I did a couple circles around the lake. I love taking the boat out by myself. Makes me feel so independant!

When we got home I started making stuffing and getting a turkey ready for the oven. When I took it out of the plastic wrapper it smelled slightly "off". Not bad, just not quite right. I went ahead and stuffed it and cooked it and then ended up throwing it out when it was done. It didn't have the good turkey smell that it should have had and it, again, smelled slightly "off". Has that ever happened to you? Dusterboy took the turkey over to the sandpit across the highway and dumped it in the bush. I can just imagine some little fox stumbling upon that and thinking he's hit the motherlode! :P

Tony Stewart sucks.

We're having family portraits done at my parent's house next weekend while we're there for Thanksgiving. Any suggestions about what to wear? The photographer thought fall coloured tops and jeans.