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Wednesday, July 25

Cleansing - a companion blog post!


While Carey was busy drinking green goop, I drank two cocktails that tasted somewhat like lemon NeoCitran, one at 9am yesterday and the other at 3pm. They did the job...completely! I could barely manage to sit on the deck to suntan. From Monday night until this afternoon I could only drink clear fluids - broth, gingerale, gatorade and water. I must have been hungry this morning because as I watched Holly eating her dogfood my stomach started to growl.

My "cleansing" was for my very first colonoscopy today. Yesterday was the worst part. Today was a breeze. They gave me enough sedatives that I don't even remember the procedure and I was back at the cottage swimming about 4 hours later.

In other news, the replacement laptop is on it's way to me now. I returned the one with Vista and ordered a new one with XP due to the issues between Vista and dial-up. The high-speed access that I'd heard was in the works for my area isn't a for sure thing yet so while I do have the computer here at the cottage it still takes me forfreakingever to surf and post.

It's hot here. You sure can tell that my vacation is over. At least I snuck in a little suntanning yesterday and this afternoon.

Sunday, July 15

Back to work tomorrow

I guess it's about time that I checked in and updated. It's back to work tomorrow morning after a week of vacation. We had a very relaxing and quiet holiday. Thankfully we had no major storms like last year even though the weather really didn't co-operate very well. I don't think we had a single day that it didn't rain at least once.

I played ball a couple times. We went fishing and caught enough walleye for a delicious meal of fresh fish. We had dinner with Rescue Ray and his wife and last night friends of ours from across the lake invited us over for dinner and drinks. All in all it was a nice vacation and I actually don't feel extremely depressed about going back to work. We still have one week of vacation that we're saving for September so we still have that to look forward to. *hops*

The laptop is going back tomorrow and the new one (with XP) is on it's way to me. They agreed to give me the same laptop with XP for the same price. Otherwise I wasn't going to order another one from them. Hopefully the new one will give me less grief than the first one did.

We spent a bit of time at home this week while Dave did some work on the vehicles. While he did that I started taking the living room and kitchen apart so that we can get it painted and drywalled. We won't be moving back home until it's all done so that should be some kind of incentive.

Sure hope I can wake up at 5am tomorrow without feeling too groggy. We've been staying in bed until 8 or 9 am each day during our holidays. Man I love vacations!

Oh ya, I read three books this week. First was Stuart Woods - Iron Orchid, next was Janet Evanovich - 12 Sharp, and I'm almost done Mariah Stuart - Dead Wrong. 12 Sharp was read during the one sunny day, sitting on the deck with a drink by my side. It was a good day. *grin*