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Friday, August 29

Summer's Here!

Looks like summer has finally arrived in Northern Ontario. And I? am a genius for booking my holidays on the week that it made it's first appearance! The forecast shows sunshine all next week and no rain! Of course, I'm sure I've just jinxed myself and will end up with rain all week. :P

So while the rest of the world is going back to school, I'm going to sleep in! <----my favourite part of vacations

Things I'll be doing when I wake up.

1. Make chili sauce with the bushel of tomatoes I bought yesterday.
2. Picking and freezing green beans.
3. Swimming, kayaking, tanning, reading and drinking. :D
4. Entertaining a few visitors.
5. Going to wedding in St. Catherines next weekend (and hopefully seeing Meemo again).
6. Possibly re-shingling the cottage roof if Breezy and Carey show up to help.
7. Picking up 6 cord of wood from the old woodman. Remember him from last year?
8. Play with a new toy Dusterboy brought home last night.
9. Catch up on Holly time. I've been neglecting her lately.
10. Go for a 4 wheeler ride.

Friday, August 15

Just shoot me now

I have a summer cold. It's been years since I've had one and I had forgotten just how much they suck. Dusterboy had it a week ago and I thought I'd fought it off but playing ball in the rain all last weekend gave the cold the win.

It's been a loooooong week. My boss was away so I had to go in even though I was sick. I had ball games on Monday night and Wednesday night as well. Today I could hardly talk. After five full days of being sick I'm really happy to see Friday night. Too bad I have to get up tomorrow and go to my BIL's wedding. I'd call in sick but Dusterboy is in the wedding party so I really should be there. Plus, I have a smokin' hot dress to wear. *grin*

On Oprah last night the were asking the question, "Why did you get married?" I had a one word answer...pregnant. *snicker* I'm wondering why my BIL is getting married. He's in his 4os and they're not having kids. He's been married before and it didn't go well. I'm not sure if I see this one working out all that well either. I hope they prove me wrong.

So why did you get married?