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Saturday, September 27

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day. Time to head home for the winter. I'm excited and sad at the same time. I'm looking forward to an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning but I'm going to miss the view.

Had to post a picture of my Mums for Augie.

This is a road we take on the way home. It's a back way that saves us some time and at this time of year the leaves are spectacular!

In other news...Holly is now a week into her Phenobarbital and we're calling her Cheech because she's so stoned all the time. It's affecting her squirrel hunting activities. Look at those eyes! *snort* No seizures but it's awful seeing her so groggy. We'll take her for bloodwork in a few weeks to make sure the levels are okay. They told us to expect her to be very drugged for the first two weeks until she gets used to the meds.

Sunday, September 7

The Wedding Crier

That was me this weekend. My cousin's daughter was married on Saturday and I've never cried so much at a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and the best ceremony I've ever attended. Why the tears? Amanda's mom died suddenly when Amanda was only 8 months old. My cousin has dedicated his entire life since then to raising her. He did an amazing job and she's a beautiful person inside and out. I couldn't help but think about everything they've been through. My cousin and his wife were so in love. They were "that couple" that everyone aspires to be. The speaches and the first dances had me all choked up again. When Amanda thanked her Dad for being both the Father and the Mother of the Bride I almost bit through my cheek trying to hold it in.

On the lighter side...
The minister used a Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head as props during the ceremony.
I had a "quicky" with Meemo on Friday afternoon.
Dusterboy is so directionally challenged that he got lost across the street from the hotel.
We bought new dishes for our redecorated dining room. Now we need a table and chairs.

Back to work tomorrow morning. *pout*