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Thursday, January 25

Renovation Hell - Day 6 and counting

I want my house back to normal. I want my bed back. I'm bored with this now.

Painting has never been one of my favorite things. I'd much rather build something than paint it. Hammers are so much more fun than paintbrushes. On Saturday we tore Dave's room apart and started pulling off trim. We even removed the wood around the windows that had swelled from condensation. It's all going to be replaced. We've got the primer coats on and are ready to start on the color now. I can't wait for it to be DONE! Not only is the rest of the house cluttered with all the stuff from the bedroom but I've had to share my bed with Dave and Holly for the past 5 nights! *grin*

Confession home started out as a mobile home. Yes, I'm trailer trash. When we moved here we needed a place to live (our other home sold quicker than we had anticipated) and there were no homes for sale (unlike now when every second home is for sale). We decided to order a brand new mobile home and live in it for the winter until we could build a full size addition in the spring and make it into a non-mobile home. I had reservations about it at first until we found one that was really well built and had it built to our specifications. None of that tacky flowery wallpaper for us, no sir. We ordered the entire house with off white, non-patterned walls. The people at the factory dubbed our house the "White House" because we were the only people to ever order one in all white. To me, it seemed to be the ONLY choice. Maybe I'm not true trailer trash after all.

So that was 15 years ago and the vinyl covered drywall is looking very tired. We've heard horror stories about trying to paint over the vinyl and the only other solution was to remove it and put up all new drywall which would be a very big job. I decided that it was time to give it a try and attempt to paint it. After much research we decided to go for it and if it didn't work we'd bite the bullet and change the drywall. We did the small bathroom first and it turned out great so now we're working on a bedroom. After that we'll have the laundry room, my bedroom and ensuite, and the kitchen/living room. So much painting and I'm sick of it already.

On Saturday while we were tearing the room apart we were remembering all the living that's been done in our home over the past 15 years. Jamie grew up in that bedroom. He had the walls covered in posters. Guess he didn't like the plain off white walls. There were a ton of pin holes that had to be filled with plaster as well as a couple of "dents". We saw him tonight and I mentioned them to him and he said they were likely the result of some of our "debates" when I sent him to his corner to cool off. He had a habit of taking his frustrations out on his walls. *grin* It was very nostalgic thinking of all the stories those walls could tell. Probably a good thing we're painting over them.

It's so hard to believe we've been here for 15 years already. This is the longest I've ever lived in one home. Sometimes I wish for a different house but other days I can't imagine living anywhere else. On the days that I want a new house I think about having to pack all our shit and suddenly I love my house and never want to leave it. We've got lots of plans. Laminate flooring, new paint, new decorating. If only we had the money to do it all quickly. It seems like we've been neglecting the house since we bought the cottage. I'm sure in about 3 months it will be neglected again when cottage weather arrives again.

Enough rambling for now. Talk to me about your home renovation woes. Misery loves company.

Thursday, January 18

What's new you ask?

1. Winter has arrived. It was -35C yesterday morning. Today? -4C and snow.

2. I broke a tooth this morning eating cereal. I thought cereal was supposed to be good for you. Now I'm looking at a root canal and a crown. $$$$$$$$!!!!

3. I spent last weekend with my girlfriends. It was sooooo good to spend time with them. We watched one of the daughters play volleyball on Saturday then went out for supper together. Sunday we shopped. I splurged and bought myself a bunch of new clothes.

4. I've become one of the people I used to mock. I now have three pairs of shoes beside my desk at work. I remember dubbing a former co-worker "Imelda" for having that many pairs of shoes beneath her desk.

5. We're renovating our house. Now that we've decided to stay here it's time for an overhaul. The bathroom has been painted. Next up is Dave's room. Then laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room. $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

6. My son made it home from Cozumel safe and sound. I'm so grateful. They had a blast! He said the funniest moment came when his girlfriend's brother joined them on a horseback ride the day after being hit with Montezuma's revenge. They began to gallop and the brother yelled out, "Slow the fuck down or I'll shit my pants!"

7. Two of my friends have told me things this week and asked me not to tell anyone. I've gone an entire week without spilling to Dave. Tomorrow is the big day for both of the secrets. I can't wait to hear everyone's reactions to their secrets.

8. The honeymoon may be over at work. My boss is pissing me off a little bit. She's taking all the glamorous jobs and giving me all the shit ones. It's still better than dealing with Mean Jean though.

9. I'm thinking about having another drink. Should I?

10. Forgive me, but I LMAO at American Idol last night. The chick that brought her Mom in for the audition almost made me pee my pants. I've been mocking her ever since. Bad, bad lights.

Woohoo! Another 10 in the bag!

Thursday, January 4

A Beautiful Spring Day... Janufreakingary!!!

I've come to the conclusion that us Canucks truely are strange creatures. It's January in Northern Ontario and earlier this week I saw a woman walking down the street in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt! Today? A guy driving around in a convertible with the top down. The weather has been unbelievably mild but come's still January in Northern Ontario. There are a few little spots of snow to be found but other than that, there is green grass on the lawn. If this keeps up I'm gonna have to cut the lawn! The long range forecast says it will stay above zero until next week when we will get some real January weather.

Other stuff...

1. We're thinking about getting studs put in our winter tires. It's legal in Ontario now and with this weird weather we're getting a lot more freezing rain and black ice.

2. I received a parcel today from my wonderful Swamilicious! I wonder how she knew how much I'd LOVE a Shih Tzu calander? *smooooooches Swami and Tom* Thank you!!! It will be going up on my office wall tomorrow morning where it will remind me of you every day at work.

3. Got an email from our friend in Alaska today. It was the first time we've heard from him in almost a year. After his visit last summer and our other friend's separation, he stopped replying to our emails. I sent him a Christmas card last month just to let him know we missed him and it was really nice to hear from him.

4. I exchanged my plus size gift from my DIL this week and bought something that actually fit me. The sweaters she bought me were plus size large. Way to impress the future MIL huh?

5. Dave bought me a Raclette for Christmas but it was a cheapy one (the only one he could find) so I returned it and bought a good one tonight. Tomorrow night we're having a Raclette dinner! Woohoo!

6. Had a good visit with my thyroid doctor today. He said my thyroid has actually shrunk and says that is good news. My levels are well within range and he's happy with my progress.

7. Thyroid doctor gave me a prescription for Ativan. It's for those nights when I'm having trouble sleeping. I don't need it often but he said it wouldn't hurt to use it when I need it. I didn't sleep at all on New Year's Eve and was a mess on New Year's Day because of the lack of sleep. Has anyone ever used Ativan? Comments?

8. My dialysis friend turned 40 today. We're going to celebrate her birthday by showing up at her house some night soon (just the girls) with some food and play cards. She's not up to a big party and her sister said this is what she'd love most.

9. The boss is still on Christmas holidays so I've been on my own all week. Have I mentioned how much I love my new job? What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was still battling every day with Mean Jean.

10. My Mom bought me one of those stacker things for plastic containers for Christmas! As soon as I opened it I thought of Breezy! Anybody need a bunch of mismatched plastic containers?

I can quit writing now that I've made it to #10. *grin*