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Saturday, November 17

So...uh, what's new?

1. I love the Whiskas "Hubert" commercials. Talk to me when there's meat. *giggle*

2. Today I saw a dead 10 point buck riding a 4 wheeler in the back of a pick up truck. I only wish I could have got to my camera quick enough. Friggin' rednecks. *snicker*

3. This morning I left home at 8am and did some power shopping. My goal is to be completely finished my Christmas shopping prior to December 1st. I want to enjoy December this year and not be totally burnt out by Christmas Day.

4. Even though Carey told me that I had to buy for "other people" and not myself again, I came home with some volleyball socks, new shoes for work, OPI "The Grape Lakes" nailpolish, bodywash and vitamins. At least today the me to other people ratio was improved.

5. Ran into one of my girlfriends in the mall today and we had fun being goofy and making the store clerks laugh.

6. My co-worker lent me some scrapbooking tools for the weekend and I haven't had a chance to use them. Tomorrow is dedicated to scrapbooking. All day. In my pajama pants. :D

7. Listening to Blue Collar Comedy today and heard a bit about Pictionary being an evil game. I was sitting at a traffic light laughing my fool head off and thought the people in cars around me must have thought I was loonie.

8. At Zellers today I got ripped off twice. Even though the signs said that greeting cards were selling at US prices I still got charged the Canadian price. Four card cost me over $9 extra. I caught that before leaving the store and got a refund. When I got home I realized that the Bionicles I bought for my nephew that were supposed to be buy one get one half price were both charged at full price. They got a phone call from an unsatisfied shopper. Now I have to go back to get ANOTHER refund.

9. I tried on a couple of party dresses today for my upcoming Christmas Party. I think I'm going to recycle an old dress again this year. The one I tried on was little, black and covered in sequins. I liked it but the sequins were itchy.

10. On Tuesday nights I play volleyball. It's normally mostly women and the highschool girl's volleyball team. The past two weeks the Junior A hockey team has been coming out to play. They are all 16 to 20 years old. Is it wrong that I had to suppress my inner cougar after seeing a couple of the older ones running around shirtless? *hangs head*