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Tuesday, April 29

Good News...Bad News

First the good news! I had a quicky with Meemo on the weekend! *giggle* A quicky visit that is. After playing telephone tag with him on Friday night and Saturday morning we finally managed to catch up with each other late Saturday morning. And yes Weltek, I was still lifting up my phone with two hands. *snort* We met up at the mall where we both got to show off our beautiful babies. Of course, my "baby" is 29 and wouldn't ride around in the car stroller like mini meemo. It was a quick visit but fun just the same. Always good to get to spend time with the babyhead and his beautiful family. Mr & Mrs Meemo make beautiful babies. Hope it's okay for me to post this picture of the kidlets. Let me know if you want it removed.
Now the bad news...
When we got home we found out that someone broke into the garage while we were gone. They stole a welder, two pressure washers, the boat battery, two axes, a grinder and a pry bar. About $1100 worth of stuff. Not sure if there's enough to make an insurance claim. Piss me off! Welcome home. *rolls eyes*

Wednesday, April 2

Tooth Trouble

Guess who just came back from an emergency trip to the dentist. For about a week I've had a sore front tooth. It's my front tooth and one that is part of a four-tooth bridge. Apparently it has abscessed. *sigh*

He gave me a prescription for anitbiotics and I have to contact my old dentist tomorrow to find out if it has had a root canal and if there's a post in it. If so I may be looking at oral surgery. *groan*

When I arrived at the office tonight the receptionist presented me with a $700 bill for my crown I had done in January. 2008 has not been a good year for my teeth or my wallet. *sob*