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Tuesday, November 28

Freezing Rain Sucks!

Today was our second day in a row of the nasty shit. It make me cranky. And teary.

The parking lot at Tim Horton's this morning was a complete sheet of ice. I sat in the car waiting for Dusterboy and watched one car miss the drive-through completely and end up crashing into a curb. Then watched a guy with a large double double in each hand slide down the parking lot to his car. I actually covered my eyes and swore when I saw someone heading for the parking spot beside my shiny new baby.

By the time we managed to slide on out onto the road I was a basket case. Dusterboy looked at me and asked if I wanted him to drive me to work even though he would then be late. I managed to whimper, "Uh huh" through my tears.

The road to my office is very twisty and turny. We were just crawling along and as we came around one corner we found a van, that had just completed a 360, sitting in our lane. Dusterboy managed to slide around him and get us both to work without so much as a scratch. I love my Dusterboy.

The silly thing is that I was more worried about the new car than anything. I know a dent or scratch in inevitible but I'd like to make it to next summer at least before it happens.

What's the shortest time you've had a new vehicle before it's been damaged?

Thursday, November 23

Things I DIDN'T say today

Scene 1: On the phone with a supplier. Every time I call this company I get a big-assed helping of stupid. I didn't say, "Can I stop you for a minute because I'd really like to speak to someone even stupider than you this time."

Scene 2: Reading an email from a director at our company. She was replying to my simple request that she fill out a requisition to return a card file she bought in March but had neglected to mention that it didn't suit her needs until November. Her one word reply was...Amazing. I didn't say, "Why yes, yes I am. Thank you for noticing."

Scene 3: Sitting at my desk listening to bubblehead blond (or is it blonde) as she walks by my boss's office. Bubblehead exclaims, "You're eating an apple!" to my boss. I didn't say, "That's pretty observant for someone who's IQ is likely less than the apple's."

Monday, November 13

Bits and Pieces

I'm making Spanish Rice for supper tonight. It's almost ready. The last time I made Spanish Rice was in Home Ec in grade 7. I've been craving it ever since.

My brother missed another family gathering on the weekend. My Dad is pissed, my Mom is hurt and my sister is fed up. I called him last night to ask him about Christmas and I'm worried about him. He's having marital problems but he's not big on talking about it.

My son and his girlfriend spent Saturday night here with us. They brought $120 worth of steak and lobster tails for supper. Damn it was good! He told me on Friday night he wanted to come visit and have Dad do some work on his vehicle. Apparently he had a rusty dipstick. I asked no further questions.

We rented History of the World - Part I on Saturday night. Still laughed at the "pump the shit right outta your house" line.

My friend that is on dialysis is back in hospital. Prayers and healing thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Do you exchange Christmas gift lists with your family? What's your opinion on giving out wish lists?