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Tuesday, October 9

The Great Canadian Peep Meet - Chapter 1

After 9 months of planning the big day had finally arrived! Carey and Breezy were in Canda and on their way to me. I didn't find myself pacing as much as I did waiting in a hotel room prior to meeting Nookie but that's only because she was my first and now I'm a seasoned peep meeter. Dusterboy and I were relaxing and watching Survivor when the phone rang and Carey announced that they had made it to Quebec but were stuck on the wrong side of a closed bridge (which re-opened two days after they left). Apparently google doesn't keep track of such things. *rolls eyes* I talked them back on track and told them I'd meet them at the end of the cottage road so they could follow me in.

That's when the excitement really hit for me. It seemed like an eternity sitting in my car watching for headlights to come over the hill. Three false alarms later a turn signal came on and they were here. Breezy didn't seem very friendly at first not wanting to roll down her window say hello. *grin* As I pulled in front of them I realized that Oh Canada was playing on my stereo and I giggled to myself thinking they probably wondered just how patriotic us Can'tadians really were! It wasn't something I planned, it was a CD with songs played at hockey games that just happened to be in the CD player.

It was an early night for us all. Thelma and Louise were worn out from their long drive and the stress of having to count their change in loonies and twoonies. We did manage to watch about 5 minutes of Survivor together but I couldn't for the life of me tell you who was booted because I was too excited to have Breezy and Carey sitting in my cottage. How I got any sleep I'll never know.
Friday morning I got up and found Carey out on the deck checking out the scenery and probably pooting in private. It was very dark when they arrived the night before so this was the first chance to look around. We had a light breakfast, talked about all of you, learned the proper pronounciation of poutine, showered and got ourselves ready for a day of touring and poutine. Augie warned me that I'd be playing referee all weekend and it didn't take long before I had to break up the two of them.
Our first stop was at the store on the nearby Reserve. A friend of mine is the police chief there and I told them that I had thought about having him pull us over and "arrest" them and throw them in jail but didn't get a chance to put the plan into action. After a couple of quick stops looking for American cigarettes we headed to the chip stand for the long awaited order of poutine.
While we waited for our order Breezy and Carey entertained another customer with talk of smokey weiners. I'd never seen the guy before but I ran into him again on Friday night and from the look on his face he was thinking about the smokey weiner girls. *grin* They seemed to enjoy the poutine. I know I enjoyed being there to break their poutine cherry, so to speak.
After filling our faces I thought a bit of exercise would be a good idea so we went to the falls for a walk. I've lived here for 16 years and never been to the falls so I figured it was a good time to change that. Walking down the hill was so much easier than walking back UP the hill. Once again I was called upon to referee between them. Thankfully, nobody went over the falls and we all made it back up the hill and jammed Breezy into the back seat once again.
We made a quick stop at the bank machine and the went to see if my friend Nicky was working at the hardware store. She was serving a customer when we walked in and Carey kept asking about the fudge. Nicky was getting a little bit pissed off until I poked my head out from behind Carey and Nicky finally figured out who the "rude customer" was.
Dusterboy had asked me to pick him up some beer and we were still searching for American smokes so we stopped at the Depaneur. Next door was a cafe that serves those fancy drinks for those fancy city folks. *giggle* We looked through the gift shop next door and then sat outside on the patio where we met up with my friend Darlene, aka potty mouth. She told us about the hockey game that night. Her son is one of the star players. It's a brand new team and they're on a roll with a 5 and 0 record.
Our next stop was at the scenic lookout that overlooks the Ottawa River and not Lake Ontario as previously reported. Breezy talked to Breezygirl and couldn't figure out why she was calling from school until we noticed how late in the day it was.

The final stop on the big tour was on the island at the Native gift shop where Carey wanted to climb the totem pole. I explained that they kind of frowned on such things. As we were crossing the bridge back to Quebec I tried to get Carey to call Sam, the town drunk, Sweetcheeks but she chickened out. *giggle*

It was time to head back to the cottage for a glass of milk or two. Dusterboy suggested a boat ride so we filled up our milk glasses and headed out on the lake. We went up to the other end of the lake, through the chute where the current is fast and we like to swim but nobody felt like a dip for some reason.

Carey really had to pee and when the boat touched the dock she sprinted up the hill and was in the bathroom before the rest of us had out feet on solid land.
We started making supper, walleye and moose meat. I only had one bag of fish in the freezer and had tried to find more but didn't have any luck so we decided to add the moose to the menu. After supper we decided not to go to the hockey game seeing as we were running late so we stayed at the cottage and played cards. Breezy accused me of cheating and I tried to explain that it was true that cheated and not me. *grin* They weren't buying it though. By this time it was getting late and we had another big day ahead of us so we called it a night.
That's all I have time for tonight. More to follow...