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Sunday, February 25

Four Weddings and a Fish

Saturday morning I determined to find a picture from my BIL/SIL's wedding where I was a bridesmaid. I thought that was the only wedding party I'd ever been part of. To my surprise I found pictures of me in three other weddings but none from their wedding. It took me all weekend but I've finally managed to come up with a post.

Wedding #1

Here's the first wedding I was part of. It ended in a Tammy Wynette song, D-I-V-O-R-C-E!
This was my uncle's wedding. My Mom and I are on the left of the bride. I don't remember much of the wedding but I do remember the divorce pretty well. My uncle stored some of his furniture in our basement and the bride and her twin sister (the bridesmaid on the right) threatened to drive a truck through our brick house if Dad didn't let them have the furniture back. I remember that as plain as day. *giggle*


Wedding #2

The next wedding I was part of was my own. So far, it has fared better than my uncle's. *grin* I actually got married two weeks after he got married for the second time. His second marriage is still going strong

Wedding #3

Mr lights and I standing up for our best friends (at the time). No, they were not standing on a platform. He is 6'3" and she's 6' tall. DO NOT laugh at my glasses! I'll know if you're laughing at my glasses and I will be making a list. Looking at this picture it appears that he groom likes me more than the bride likes mr lights. *snicker*

And just for mm, here's a picture of me holding a fish I caught just to prove that I'm not a city girl. *grin*

Not one of my better pictures. It was taken on a weekend when we stayed at a cabin with no running water. This was taken on day two, hence no makeup or blow-dried hair. Although, compared to the other ones posted above... *giggle* So have at it and have a good laugh. *grin*

Thursday, February 8

Taking notes...

I just tried to post on Carey's blog and was denied. Was it something I said? *grin*

Like Carey, I sometimes sit in front of the keyboard and feel like I have nothing to say. I miss the days when I had play time at work and I could just post the minute an idea came into my head. Now, I'm reduced to making lists. Somehow the inspiration is gone by the time I get home at night and can actually post. So here are my notes from this week...

All this talk about the crazed astronaut and her diapers got me thinking today. I was sitting at my desk this morning and had to pee so bad but I was so busy that I just didn't have time to go. At that moment a lightbulb appeared above my head. Instead of going commando, maybe I should be going astronaut and wear Depends at work. Just a thought.

I have a new crush. Scooter the Geek is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seeing him spraying water over his shirtless torso last night made me tingly. Is there any hope for me?

Earlier this week one of my co-workers came in and sat down in my office. The overpowering smell of onions made my eyes water. I've experienced onion breath before but this was way beyond that. I swear it was oozing out of every pore in his body.

We went to the dentist last night for our six month cleaning. Our current dentist is in Quebec and is very french. The radio is tuned to a french station; the assistant speaks mostly french and when the dentist speaks to her its in french. My previous dentist was a big talker and it always drove me crazy not to be able to take part in his conversations. Not sure which situation I prefer. On one hand the french conversations don't make me crazy wanting to join in, but on the other hand the english conversations distracted me. Now I just sit there trying to translate one or two words to follow along.

I LOVE The Unit! Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about the tv show. Anyone else watch it? It kind of reminds me of my Suzanne Brockmann books about the Navy SEAL team.

That's it for now. Hugs for everyone but extra big one for Carey!

Saturday, February 3


It's cold here. Just thought you'd all be shocked to hear that. *grin* It warmed up on Thursday and Friday but snowed like crazy.

We're on day 97489 of home renovation hell. Okay, I may be stretching it a little but it feels like that.

I called a friend on Thursday to see if him and his wife would like to curl with us at my company's bonspeil next month. We haven't had an opportunity to get together lately and I missed them a lot. When he called back he told me that he'd been having some health issues. His prostate in very enlarged and he's pretty freaked out. He's had two opinions from separate doctors and is very confused. We talked for over an hour about it and then again today. Seems like I picked the exact right time to get in touch with him. I'm really worried about him. They're going to curl with us. He said it's just what he needs right now to give him something to be excited about.

So how exactly does one sign up to drink the cool-aid? I have no idea how to update blogger.