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Monday, March 19

Flirting at work...

How much is too much? Do you do it? What is crossing the line?

Background story. Two guys that I work with have both been pretty flirty with me lately. I'm not offended by it. I might even be a little flattered by it. But I think I might be a little confused or surprised about it. They are both really nice guys that I've developed a fun, joking around kind of relationship with in the year that I've worked here. Both have been married for quite a while. I'm a bit of a flirt myself but usually only with people that I know really well.

One of them left me a voice mail message a while back with some part numbers. He read them off and one of them had a "69" in it. When he read that he hesitated and added "that's a good number". That was the beginning of it. I laughed about his voice mail and ever since then he's been really flirty with me. The other guy commented on how well I filled out my jeans on Friday. That one really floored me because he just didn't seem like the kind of guy to say something like that. I laughed it off but it kind of stuck with me all day. I wondered if I'm sending out some kind of vibe. I'm really not offended by the comments but it has made me question myself.

Mr 69 calls me every day now. Most of the time there's something work related but there's always a non-work conversation involved. He's a lot of fun and we always have a couple of laughs. I'm pretty sure it's all harmless but I don't want any misunderstandings.

Comments? Related stories? Talk to me...

Thursday, March 15



That was me today. Day 6 and I've turned into the flight attendant in the quit smoking commercial. *giggle*

Things that made me smile today...

1) Speaking to a supplier in Spartansburg, NC this morning I asked him if he had received the parts we had sent them for repair. He said he did and then added, "I just caught a peek of your box in passing." I managed to remain professional until I ended the call and then I cracked up. I could just picture him sitting at his desk in NC thinking, "Did I just say that?"

2) One of the mechanics left me a voice mail this morning and said, "Good morning sunshine." That's my pet name for people but it was the first time anyone had used it on me.

3) When we got home I was standing at the kitchen counter opening mail when I heard the unmistakable sound of Southern Comfort being poured into a tall glass. Mr lights is THE MAN! I didn't even have to ask, he just knew it was a good idea.

4) Reading my bloggy friends and their threadjacking ways on OT with said drink. I do miss being able to take part in it though. By the time I get online, playtime is over.

Typing "cracked" up in #1 reminded me about something that happened at the curling bonspeil a while back. There were six couples sitting around the table after dinner. We had two round tables pulled together and one of the husbands was sitting in the "crack". He made some long forgotten comment about what it was like to eat at the crack. My coworker, his wife, turned to him and said, "You should be used to that." She said it as if it was meant for JUST him to hear but it was definately her outloud voice. She blames the beverages. EVERYONE around the table heard her. We all hesitated a moment while we processed what she had said and then everyone "cracked" up. For almost two weeks now the "crack" comments have been flying. Better her than me. *grin*

Monday, March 12

Still alive...

I think I'm going to make it. The flu is every bit as miserable as I remember it being. It hit me hard on Saturday morning and had me down for the count for two full days. It's been a long while since I've had the flu and I certainly hope it's at least a few more years before I experience it again.

It's Dave's fault. He brought it home last week and as much as I tried to avoid it, it caught me. *pout*

In other news...

1) North Bay made the top five cities for Hockeyville 2007! Woohooo!!! If you have some time, please send a vote or 10 our way. *grin*

2) I had to upgrade to the new blogger when I tried to make this post. The hardest part was remembering my sign in name. *rollseyes*

3) Today was my first sick day at my new job. I almost made it a full year without having to take a day off. I just couldn't do it this morning.

4) There have been a bunch of blogs that I really wished I had time to reply to lately but with Dave sick last week and me on the weekend I only had time for a quick peek.

5) I need to do my income tax. *pout* Where's Breezy when you need her?

6) Should I give you all the answers to my friend's test? I did get a chuckle out of many of your answers.

7) I haven't eaten, smoked or had a drink for three days now. Maybe I should get the flu more often.

8) Having not smoked for three days I'm seriously thinking that I should just quit. Problem is, I'm not sure I want to. I do WANT to, but I don't. Only a smoker would likely understand that.

9) Not sure what to make for supper tonight. I've got to eat something but I'm afraid of how my tummy's going to react. What's your post-flu food suggestion?

10) Dave is almost finished the laminate flooring in my ensuite bathroom. It looks so purty!

Sunday, March 4

Jumping on the bandwagon...

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