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Tuesday, June 10

Bitching about Bifocals

Anyone care to join me? *grin*

I'm trying out bifocal contacts and am going on trial pair #3. No luck so far. One pair I could see mid range but not long distance or close up. Second pair I could see mid and far range but couldn't read the paper. Tonight he ordered me a pair that are long distance in one eye and up close in the other. If they don't work it'll be new glasses for me. I decided to get a jump of frame selection tonight just in case.

My objective was to avoid having to buy new glasses and prescription sunglasses. So much cheaper to buy contacts and cheap sunglasses. Anybody wear the progressive lenses? I've been told they don't get dark inside a car.

I remember hearing people bitch about bifocals before I needed them and used to laugh. Not so funny anymore. *snicker*


Blogger Tummy said...

I'll bitch with you. I did all the tryout stuff and none of it worked. The ones that worked for driving and computer would let me read a book, the ones that let me read and drive made the letters bounce on the computer screen, etc. So here I am in glasses again. I hate it, especially when I'm doing yard work.

I have transitions. They don't get dark in the car, but I'm okay with that, usually.

Good luck with this next pair. That tryout made me feel drunk. I hope you acclimatize to it easier!

Wed. Jun. 11, 09:41:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger lights said...

My only consolation if none of these trials work is that I'll have three pair of contacts that are relatively new that I can wear for volleyball and baseball. The contacts I had before were bought in 2002 and when wearing them I couldn't see the scoresheet well enough to keep score. *snicker*

How do you feel about the transitions? Would you recommend them? Do they get a little bit dark in the car or not at all?

Should have the next samples by Friday. I'd be okay with feeling drunk then. *grin*

Wed. Jun. 11, 05:15:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Puffy said...

I have progressive lenses, but they don't get dark at all; the progression is the prescription part of it. I have no problem with them. I know several people who have contacts with different prescriptions for each eye.

Wed. Jun. 11, 06:10:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Puffy said...

P.S. I also have progressive sunglasses.

Wed. Jun. 11, 06:10:00 p.m. EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bifocals are for old people. *grin*

I wear cheap sunglasses because I can't keep up with them, and I go through about 5 pair each summer.

Wed. Jun. 11, 08:28:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Swami said...

I could never get used to "bifocal" contacts - which in my case were one eye for near things and one for far things. I just felt dizzy and disoriented all the time. I got carsick trying to drive.

You meant progressive bifocals, no? With no line where the two types of lenses meet, right? Not those transitional light-to-dark ones that Boo is talking about. I had no trouble adjusting to the progressive bifocals. They are a bit odd in that when you hold up a box or something in a store and want to reads the fine print you have to lift your head a bit up rather than center the area you want to look at. But you don't have to think about it because that's when small-near things click into focus so your hand just moves the print into the sweet spot.

They are only a bit confusing if you walk through some dense brush where little branches and stuff keep coming at your face from all directions. My head starts to bob trying to focus on everything and it's annoying. Tom can't stand when his head does that and just takes his bifocals off when he's hiking.

Hmmm. We sound like bobbleheads, don't we? Lol!

Wed. Jun. 11, 09:02:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Tummy said...

They get dark quickly, so when you are walking from say house to car they are dark by the time you get to the car. But then they fade gradually. If you've been in the car for a while, they'll be clear again. The windows on the car filter too much of the uv rays to trigger the reaction of the lens. I've just gotten use to not driving in shades.

I'd love to be able to give up the glasses, again!

Thu. Jun. 12, 09:41:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger Breezy said...


One word for you, Lasik.

Fri. Jun. 13, 04:48:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Bravie said...

*looks through new glasses*
Funny how much easier it is to read your blog with my new glasses. *grin*

Mon. Jun. 16, 04:31:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger MM said...

Damnit. This is the second time I've come in here and misread that as "bigfoot" instead of "Bifocals". *disappointed sigh*

Tue. Jun. 17, 01:16:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

*points and laughs* You're getting old. :-)

However, if you ever take your great midwestern road trip, you'll need those for reading the map, so I'll shut up.

*looks jealously at Breezy* Lasik is on my five year plan.

Tue. Jun. 17, 11:07:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger lights said...

I'm on trial pair number 3 now. This pair has the right eye set for seeing far away and the left eye for seeing up close. Jury is still out on them. I can see pretty good with them but going back and forth between far and close sometimes screws up my focus.

Not sure if I could do lasik with my Grave's Disease issues. And it's pretty expensive. Oh how nice it would be though. *sigh*

*giggles* Sorry mm.

Wed. Jun. 18, 05:17:00 p.m. EDT  

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