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Sunday, February 10

*jumps on the no smoking bandwagon*

*grin* As of 12:30 pm yesterday, I am a non-smoker.

I did the weight loss too to combat the usual weight gain. No cravings, no bitchiness (other than the usual), I seldom even THINK about a cigarette.

Rescue Ray and his wife came with me. Ray was really ready to quit. His wife wasn't as convinced. She fell on the ice while we were curling the night before and I think she was in more pain than she let on.

There were about 30 people in the session. A few teenagers, a few twenty somethings, lots of overweight older people and one very big lady in a wheelchair. Only five men. There was a lot of coughing going on while she spoke. One guy in front of me was wheezing loudly and when he said that he smoked 5 packs a day, I understood why.

The first hour she talked about reasons why we should quit smoking/eat better. She explained that by planting the right thoughts into the subconscious we could change our behaviour. We would remember that we use to smoke but that it was not something that we did now. It's weird. The hypnosis was weird too. Dusterboy had questioned if he had really been hypnotised when he did this in November. I understand what he meant now. I know we were but it's such a low level of hypnosis that we wondered if it had really happened.

I'm completely convinced that I'll never smoke again. And if a bunch of pounds happen to fall off that would just be a bonus! *snicker*


Blogger Bravie said...

Great job, Babe. I'm so proud to have you as a member of our non smoking club. Good job!!!!!!! *smooch*

Mon. Feb. 11, 06:34:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger frodis said...

Yay lightsy! Good for you!

Mon. Feb. 11, 09:43:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger MM said...

WooHoo! Great for you, Lightsy!

*smoke-free smooch*

Tue. Feb. 12, 03:10:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Swami said...

I went to weight loss hypnotist once, oh, decades ago - after my first child I think. I did not have high hopes because the hypnotist woman was fat, lol. I mean - really fat! And it didn't work worth a darn either.

I'm surprised that your person hypnotised so many people at once! But I know that good hypnotists do that in shows all the time so it must work.

Congrats on the no smoking!

Tue. Feb. 12, 10:21:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger MTW said...

Go, Lightsy, Go!


Tue. Feb. 12, 02:17:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Breezy said...

Yay!!! So proud of you. *smooch*

Tue. Feb. 12, 02:42:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

Heard from Rescue Ray's wife today. They were both smoking by Saturday night. :( They said they'd try again next time she's in town. Ray couldn't hear her very well so that may have had something to do with it. Deb just wasn't ready.

Thanks everyone. I'm very proud of Dave and I too.

Tue. Feb. 12, 04:57:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

*throws confetti* All you non-smokers are making me like this place even more.

Wed. Feb. 13, 01:05:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Maroonclown said...

Way to go girl!

Very proud of you for getting yourself smoke-free.

As for the weight gain - there are other ways to satisfy your oral fixation! BooYaa!!!


Fri. Feb. 15, 12:05:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Coco said...

Awesome! I hope you can keep it up!

Fri. Feb. 15, 08:09:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

One week today! Woohoo! Unlike Rudy, I will not be celebrating by having a cigarette. *smirk*

*giggles @ the clowngirl*

COCO!!! Nice to see you girlfriend! How's life on de udder side? It's almost cottage time! *smooooch*

Sat. Feb. 16, 05:43:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Puffy said...

Way to go!! *smells the fresh spring air* Oops, you're in Canada, right? *smells the fresh white snow*

Wed. Feb. 20, 08:23:00 p.m. EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay Lightsy!!!

One of my close friends here did the hypnosis thing, and it worked. Smoke free for at least the past 5 years.

Thu. Feb. 21, 09:30:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Monstah said...

Great news! Enjoy each and every fresh breath you take!

Sat. Mar. 01, 11:22:00 a.m. EST  

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