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Tuesday, February 21

Make it Stop!!!

I'm getting tired of this shit. Another 6" of snow last night. It just won't quit. This picture was taken a week ago Sunday while we were trying to clear the cottage driveway. See how deep it was then? Add another foot and a half on top of that.

The roads were terrible this morning and we were a few minutes late for the first time. We saw a couple idiots that had just jumped into their cars, turned on the wipers and drove. They couldn't see out of any window but the front and the snow was piled 6" high on the hood. Asshats!

Do overly polite people get on your nerves? Does too much perk turn you off? New girl is extremely "nice" and it bugs me. Am I just a grumpy old bitch?

Thursday night, just as Survivor was about to start, the phone rang. I cursed because I was just about to eat and my show was on. My friend was calling to tell me about a situation that needed to be difused quickly. Her teenage daughter, S, and friend had told her about an MSN discussion that took place between her daughter's friend, K, and my other friend's daughter, M. It was very nasty, full of physical threats and taunts. M is a bully, plain and simple. I've known her since she was about two and she's fifteen now. S's Mom wanted me to call M's Dad and let him know what was going on because she thought it would be better coming from me because I am much closer to him than she is. I called, relayed the message, and then worried about it all night and the next day. Friday I got MSN messages from M trying to find out information. I don't want to be part of it. I do wish that somehow I could make her understand that being a "mean girl" or playing the tough chick isn't cool, it's not funny and she'll regret it someday. I told her all of that but I know it won't sink in. How do you make them understand?


Blogger Bravie said...

Ooooh, how pretty. But sorry that you are ready for it to be gone.

Overly nice people bug me too. I find them to be fake and phony and I don't have time for them.

Tue. Feb. 21, 10:55:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Lasann said...

The snow looks pretty but reality, I'm sure, is it's a pain in the ass.

Overly nice, I don't know. I do hate the good morning cheery stuff in the morning tho I'm getting better at it. I do hate people who IRL always call you sweetie, darling. Learn my name. In blog land the sweeties are ok.

In my experience you can't make any teenager listen. The information you give them is in there and will serve them in the future, but few react on advice.

I made the comment again today that I got my boys to 18 alive, now it's their problem (but I'm only kidding). And, I didn't say that to them but in a conversation at work.

Tue. Feb. 21, 01:15:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Breezy said...


Send us some! Or better yet! I'll send you DH. *grin*

Tue. Feb. 21, 01:21:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Swami said...

I have bare spots all over my yard, Lights. It's just not natural.

In my experience, bullies don't listen to good advice until Life hits 'em where it hurts. Some of them not even then.

Tue. Feb. 21, 01:32:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger mm said...

It's a pretty picture, Lights. I love seeing the trees all covered in snow.

I think the others are right, perky people are annoying and the bully probably won't listen to you *now* but will eventually learn her lesson.

Tue. Feb. 21, 01:55:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Sonya said...

You can preach and preach, but at that age they will prolly have to learn the hard way - on their own.

The snow is beautiful. I know you are sick of it, but I'm jealous we don't get any.

Tue. Feb. 21, 05:16:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger bobdechemist said...

The snow looks lovely. Will it be snowing when we go ice fishing?

I don't know what you can do about M, but dealing with bullies in cyberland is pretty easy. K can just put her on an ignore list. Or print out all the taunts and show them to the parents. One of the beauties of the internet is you don't need to deal with people you don't want to.

Tue. Feb. 21, 06:11:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Emily RugBurn said...

Hi lights! -- That's some snow ya got there. It sure is pretty... for about 5 minutes. I have put away my shovel and I'm patiently awaiting fall... fingers crossed.

~ EmRB

Tue. Feb. 21, 10:57:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

The snow really is beautiful. I don't know if I could live somewhere that didn't get winter. Yesterday I emailed that picture to a lady that I deal with at work who is from South Africa. She had asked for a picture because she's never seen snow. I got an email back this morning and she said it looked like a fairytale and said she'd trade place with me for a bit.

I'd prefer to ice fish on a day without snow Bob, but for you, anything.

Send him Breezy. I'm sure he'd be quite happy with the snow. There's a snowcross here this weekend too. Should be fun to see.

LOL @ getting them to 18 alive. Amen to that! *waves @ Lasann sweetie* *grin*

Hi Emily! I'm a big fan of the fall too. It's my favorite time of year at the cottage. No bugs, lots of fresh veggies from the garden, not too hot, and you can have a fire at night if it gets cool.

The overly polite new girl seems to be toning it down a little. I still don't know if she's going to be here long. I swear there's a revolving door on that office.

Haven't heard any more about the bully situation. Hopefully this episode has blown over. K did print out the conversation and she showed it to S's mom. Apparently there has been tension between these two for a while now. I'm so glad that my son made it through school without having to deal with this crap.

Wed. Feb. 22, 10:05:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

I have no advice, but I'm with you on the cold & snow. March is just around the corner & it had better start warming up.

As for overly polite people, I've worked around crabby state employees for too long. I find polite, happy people refreshing.

Wed. Feb. 22, 12:53:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Jen said...

Hi Lightsy! *waves*
I hate snow. Give me rain any day over snow! We haven't had it too bad this year though. I hope it will stay that way and not be snowing in April like last year!

Overly nice people do irritate me. Like Carey said, it seems fake, and I hate that. My sister is like that (not with me, but with others) and sometimes I just want to scream at her "Be real forcryingoutloud!!" *sigh*

Wed. Feb. 22, 01:32:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

I agree Kim, polite people are refreshing. But there is a limit and she's way across the line. If only I could take away some of her niceness and spread it around to a few other people around here!

*smooches Jen* Nice to see you here! We have a saying here about rain. At least you don't have to shovel rain. *grin*

Thu. Feb. 23, 10:53:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Jen said...

And you don't have to spend 10 minutes cleaning your car off after it rains. And you don't slip and fall on rain. Grrrr. Snow = evil.


Thu. Feb. 23, 11:17:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Sonya said...

Do you still have snow?

Thu. Feb. 23, 11:48:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger HistoryDetective said...

Ummm, I think it's "snow," not "shit." If you had six inches of shit, then that would be a real problem.

OK, I'm done being clever now.

Thu. Feb. 23, 12:06:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

Sonya? The way things are going we'll be lucky if the snow is gone by May.

*giggles @ HD* You're always clever sunshine. *grin*

Thu. Feb. 23, 01:32:00 p.m. EST  

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