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Wednesday, July 12

What a Zoo! - Part Three

Saturday morning we woke up early and showered and got ready for another day of peep meeting. We were meeting at a breakfast buffet place near our hotel at 9am. Dave and I were the first ones there so we picked a corner table on the patio to await the arrival of the rest of the group. Meemo was the first to arrive and shortly after came the Byoffer family along with the Mystics. Babyby munched away on a banana (how appropriate I thought). Soon after the Maroonclowns showed up and that's when the fists started flying. Well not really fists, it was more of a backhanded slap. I don't know what Mystic said to Maroonclown, but I was a little more cautious about what I said to her after seeing her take a swipe at Mystic. *giggle*

The LePews were next and it was so great to finally meet them. After so many years of hanging out with them on OT, it was fun to finally meet them in person. What a beautiful family (even if it wasn't the complete family). Pippy is such a happy little guy and Poppy is just as cute as a little skunk can be. About the time they arrived, my cell phone started ringing. Silvergirl called to say that they wouldn't be joining us for breakfast but wanted to know what the plan was for the day. I told her we'd call her back once we nailed down our plans. Seana and family arrived while Mystic, Dave and I were in the parking lot having a smoke. Seana's son was pretty timid but her daughter came with her to meet all us axe-murderers. The next call was from Kim and Chris to find out what the plan was. They were going to do the wing thing so they said they'd call later when we were done with the zoo.

After breakfast some of us made quick stops back at our hotel rooms to get ready for the day. I had to make a quick run to Shopper's Drug Mart to buy ANOTHER pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. I knew there was something I was forgetting at home. We found Zooz without any problem and called Silvergirl to give her directions. Everyone else was already there when we arrived. And yes, I did say that I'd love to try out the bungee thingy Seana discussed, but I knew that my neck wouldn't love it so much so I passed.

We wandered around the zoo hearing wonderful stories from the Mystics and searching for just one single cat that would come outside of their house. Damn cats. *snicker* We stopped for a cold drink part way around the place and I had to talk a server through making change from a $10 for a $2.65 slushy. After five minutes of counting and recounting and almost giving me back change for a $20, I finally told her to give me $7.00, a five dollar bill and a twoonie. Honestly, it was that bad.

About halfway through, some of the kiddos were getting tired. Well, some of the adults too. *points to self* Dave and I decided to head back to our room and maybe have a swim and and drink before getting ready for dinner. As we were leaving the zoo, Silvergirl called from the parking lot and so we finally met the Silver family in the parking lot. There were hugs and laughs and pictures happening. While we were taking pictures, Kim called to say that they were done their wing and beer tour. I gave them directions to our hotel and they said they'd meet us there. We said goodbye to the Silvers, who said they were going back to their campground for a swim before supper.

When we got back to the hotel we had to park in the back. On the way through the indoor pool/bar/cafe area, we walked right smack dab into a wedding taking place. One of the bartenders was kind enough to take us through the staff area so we didn't have to interupt the nuptuals. When we got to the lobby the Nolays were waiting for us. We headed up to the room to have a drink. It was a blast to have some one on one time with Weltek and Nolay. They're such a fun, cute couple! We all changed for supper and they gave us a lift to the restaurant so we didn't have to call a cab.

We headed for the Fallsview Casino parking area and then Weltek went into the Casino to get her free parking pass (thanks Meemo). Nolay, Dave and I waited beside the big "thing" in the main area. Later when we got home, my sister asked me about it. I must have been to wrapped up in Nolay's conversation to notice it because I had no idea what she was talking about. *snicker* Next on the agenda were Nolay's cigars, you know, the kind that are actually legal in Canada. While the boys were in the little room with all the expensive stuff, Weltek and I browsed the rest of the store. We found the cutest Zippo lighter with a lady bug on it. I soooo wanted to buy it for Buggy, but sadly the weekend had already taken a toll on my mad money.

It was almost 6 so we headed across to the Tu Tu Tango Cafe. Inside we found a beautiful dark-haired young woman with a cute-as-a-button baby. It was cq and baby cq. I've seen pictures of cq before but none of them do her justice like meeting her in person. She's just the sweetest! Sorry if you didn't want that to get out cq!

I've tried twice to post pictures with this entry but blogger isn't cooperating tonight. I finally managed to post these three pics, one at a time which took at least 15 minutes. Damn slow dial up! I'm going to try to finish this up tonight because I'll be leaving for the cottage Friday after work for a week of holidays. Unless I can talk Dave into letting me bring the computer (and then figure out how to get online from a different province) I'll be away for that time.


Blogger Puffy said...

Great diary! Nice picture of you with that purdy pink bracelet. What's the animal next to you? Leopard? Jaguar?

Wed. Jul. 12, 07:57:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger lights said...

That was lights and a leopard and the pretty pink bracelet was the admission band. Who knew that pink was going to end up being the color of the weekend!

Glad you're enjoying it Puffy!


Wed. Jul. 12, 09:18:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Buggy said...

I am loving this!
You make me feel like I was there with all the great details about the peeps.

Love the pics, amd reading the rest this morning ( computer has been wonky)

Thank you for the mental gift!
Thinking me a present is just as good!

Tue. Jul. 18, 09:58:00 a.m. EDT  

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