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Monday, July 10

Bits and Pieces from a Friday Night - Part Two

So we were in the sweet suite and guess what topic came up. That's right, we discussed reality tv shows! Imagine that! Weird huh?

The Maroonclowns were so much fun. Dave and mr mclown are both car guys so they had something in common other than being married to weird internet freaks.

I wish we'd had more time. I would have loved to have had more one on one time with each and every one of the people there. So much to talk about and so little time.

Jimbo and Meemo in one of their more animated moments.

Kim was the first to strike "the pose". I have a picture if anyone is interested. *evil grin*

Byoffer's shirt was much funnier once I heard the background story. I'm so out of the loop sometimes. Mrs Byoffer and Babyby had gone back to their hotel. Mrs Byoffer is beautiful (and smart and funny and I think I hate her just a little bit - kidding). Babyby is a sweet and happy little guy.
I think this may have been Nolay's "You guys totally suck" face. Or it may have been the mention of gay penguins. I'm not really sure. *giggle*

So this brings me to the end of Friday night. Around midnight we all said our goodnights with plans to meet Saturday morning at 9am for breakfast. Dave and I headed back to our hotel. We were both starving because we'd missed supper but were too tired to even walk across the street to Wendy's. We fell into bed and were soon asleep.

To be continued...


Blogger bobdechemist said...

Yeah! pIcs!

Mon. Jul. 10, 09:25:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Bravie said...

Carey<--sooooo gellus. Not just because you got to meet some cool peeps but because they got to meet you. *pout*
I have "Lightsy" as one of the OT peeps that I must party with.
Glad you had fun. *smooch*

Mon. Jul. 10, 10:07:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger momma said...

I, too, am jealous. Or gellus. Or both. So what's the story behind Byoffer's shirt?

Mon. Jul. 10, 10:32:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Puffy said...

You posted some different pics than I've already seen, so, yay!! I don't know about the "bounce bounce" shirt, either. It sounds like an exhilarating weekend!

Tue. Jul. 11, 12:00:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger MTW said...

Carey, lightsy's on my list too, as are many of the others. I would love to have been there.

Lightsy, it's so good to see you here, BTW!

Tue. Jul. 11, 12:05:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger Breezy said...

*evil eye* Weltek had better have hugged you for me. I see no mention of this.

Tue. Jul. 11, 10:28:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

Ok, you tell the best stories, lightsy!

Let me tell you peeps, Lights is everything I expected and more! I want to be her sister & hang out at holidays. I miss her excellent accent and absolutely radiant smile. She is one of those people you meet & feel like you've known forever. I was a bit disappointed she didn't wear her capris for us, though. :-)

And Mr. Lights is soooo nice & was just there to go with the flow. Isn't that they way they are always supposed to be? He did have a grudge against the Zoom Zoom.

LOL, I think that was Nolay's "You guys totally suck" face. :-)

Tue. Jul. 11, 10:53:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger meemo said...

Hey Lights,

Nice recap. I think however, that the photo of Jim and I is actually one of our *less* animated moments. I would think that us getting cuddly on the street, or in bed together (along with the other guys) would have been one of the more animated times :-)

And Carey, you're on my list :-)

And what kim says about lights? She speaks the truth.

Tue. Jul. 11, 12:21:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Jen said...

Yay! I love pics. *drools over all the hotties*
I'm super jealous. Wish I could've been there. If only I hadn't taken that boring ass trip to San Francisco. *giggle*

(I don't get the shirt either.)

Tue. Jul. 11, 12:53:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Breezy said...

*giggle* he sits on an exercise ball at work, instead of a chair.

Tue. Jul. 11, 01:06:00 p.m. EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TBC? What is this? TAR? Treasure Hunters?

Tue. Jul. 11, 01:33:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

Oh, and yes, Breezy, I DID give lights a hug for you. She can confirm! Of course, I was just excited about the extra hugging time.

Tue. Jul. 11, 01:57:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Breezy said...

Yay!!! Now you have to come back and give me a hug.

Tue. Jul. 11, 02:52:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

This could be fun. Who do you want me to hug next?

Tue. Jul. 11, 03:39:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Swami said...

*Gasp* Everybody is normal and you all got along!?! What fun!

You forgot to post the pictures of Meemo & Jimbo in bed. Plus I heard rumors there was cross-dressing and I don't see any photos of that either.

One of these days, Lights. One of these days I'm going to meet up with you! I'll try to be mostly normal when that happens.

Tue. Jul. 11, 05:44:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger lights said...

Carey, you are pretty close to the top of my list too! I kept thinking all weekend how much you would have loved this weekend! I don't know if I could have taken much more fun though.

Thanks MTW. I read somewhere in one of the reports on this weekend about lights flashing but I'm pretty sure they were talking about fireworks. *snicker*

Breezy, I'm so sorry that I didn't make mention of the hug I received via Kim. It was one of the first things she said to me. I'm totally gellus of her getting to spend the night with you. And then she didn't even bring me a jello shot!

Kim, the feeling's completely mutual sweetpea. I wore my capris today and thought of you.

Meemo, all those things happened on Saturday night and I haven't got there yet! *gigglesmooch*

Boo, there were times when I felt like I was on TAR this weekend!

I'll get to the cross-dressing and bed partners soon. You'll all just have to be patient. *wink*

I am kicking myself that I forgot one very important thing that happened on Friday night. We were all sitting around the sweet suite and suddenly someone mentioned drunk-calling. Next thing you know the phone was being passed to me. It was MON/ALICE!!!!! I was sofa king excited!!! We used to spend many hours in the bar back in the day and it was so cool to actually talk to her. And then to find out that she was almost a participant in this peep meet! I miss our bar chats Mon. *smoooches*

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting but I'll post it as I remember it. Reading other posts is jogging my memory and making me laugh like maroonclown!

I forgot to mention, if anyone doesn't want their pics left up on the blog, let me know and I'll remove them. I don't remember anyone objecting to having their pictures posted while we were talking about it so I'll assume it's okay.

Tue. Jul. 11, 08:08:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger Bravie said...

I say we kidnap Meemo and go do some jellow shots. *smooch*

Tue. Jul. 11, 10:41:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger mm said...

WooHoo! New hotties to *swoon* over. Glad you had a great time, Lights. And don't worry about meeting Carey, she's not all that. *grin*

Wed. Jul. 12, 04:20:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger Bravie said...

*whacks Eminem*

Wed. Jul. 12, 09:47:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger Seana said...

LOL @ boohoo

Waiting for more. I've already looked at mine dozens of times. And showed them to people who knew I was going to meet Internet people to prove that you're not all axe-murderers.


Wed. Jul. 12, 11:27:00 a.m. EDT  
Blogger Schnookie said...

I'm just loving all the recaps going on and seeing pictures of everyone.

I definitely want to see a pic of Kim striking "THE" pose LOL.

So glad you all had a fun time.

I remember the big Atlanta meet and it can be a bit overwhelming with so many peeps. You can't really spend the time getting to know each person but it sure was a blast and a weekend I'll never forget. I just know that's how you all will feel about your Niagara meet.

*still seething with gellusy*

Wed. Jul. 12, 01:05:00 p.m. EDT  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

LOL, if it were TAR, I think Silvergirl came in last place at the Cafe Tu Tu Tango pitstop. :-)

And seana, you don't know how many coworkers (that don't know about my imaginary friends) have asked "Were these friends from high school or college?" Errrr, uuuuuhhhhhhhh........

Wed. Jul. 12, 04:07:00 p.m. EDT  

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