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Wednesday, March 22

Checking in...

Things have been pretty hectic this week. We're in the middle of our week of babysitting duties and so far, so good. The kids have been really good. Sara's missing her Mommy but other than that it's been cool. Busy but cool.

Being responsible for two kidlets is quite a shock to the system after years of empty nesting. Matt got his report card today and parent teacher interviews are tomorrow but I'm just going to call the school and let them know that my sister will contact them when she returns.

Mean Jean stuck again Tuesday. She had me in tears after another confrontation. Ten minutes after that I got a call from a former co-worker who asked me if I was still looking for a job. I answered yes before she even got the entire sentence out. She recommended me for a job after getting my permission and I got a call at 6:15am this morning asking me to come for an interview at 9:30. At least I didn't have much time to fret. I did manage to pace quite a bit in the three hours though.

The interview went well and I really want this job. It seems to be a perfect fit for me. Right after the interview I had an optomitrist appointment and my head was still spinning from the interview. That just made those questions about which one was better even more difficult. *grin*

One of my childhood friends is the controller at the company I interviewed with and when she heard I was in the building she asked the HR guy to bring me to her office after he was done with me. We chatted for a few minutes and she joked that if I got the job that I wasn't allowed to tell any stories from our childhood. I assured her that what happened there stayed there.

Other than that, it's just been a crazy few days. My sister has called from Florida and it seems like the weather there has been great. They're having a lot of fun with Mom and Dad. I can't wait for them to call again tonight so I can share my interview news.

It's been difficult for me to get any computer time. I'm really busy at work and at night the kidlets seem to hog the computer. I'm so not used to having to share. *giggle* We'll be heading home on Saturday night so hopefully I can get caught up then if not at work tomorrow or Friday. I feel like I'm so out of touch, not only with my RL friends but with all of you too. See you soon. *smoooches*


Blogger MTW said...

Yay! Lights is in the house! We've missed you. Some of us more than others. ;-)

Let us know if you're offered the job!

Wed. Mar. 22, 08:29:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger Bravie said...

Oooooh, I hope you get the job. Although I will miss Mean Jean. *smooch*

yes, the email that you rescued is the right one. the brvnkrz10 email is the new one.

Wed. Mar. 22, 09:19:00 p.m. EST  
Blogger ~Nutz said...

Miss you! ...but totally understand!

You MUST keep us up to date on the job thing! Even if you have to tie the kidlets up with rope in order to use the computer! LOL.

*smoooooches* Wishing you good luck!

Thu. Mar. 23, 08:21:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Breezy said...

Good luck!!! *smooch*

Thu. Mar. 23, 08:33:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Swami said...

Yay! Lights of my Life is back!

*a brief pause to hate on Mean Jean*

I hope you get the job, Linda! Good for your old friend, asking the HR guy to bring you by her office. Stuff like that tends to move your job app to the top of the pile.

Was it a good report card? Because if not, you can take away his computer privileges for a week. Just sayin'.

Thu. Mar. 23, 08:55:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger BlindSlim~CSTL said...

Let us know if you got the job. *smoooches*

Thu. Mar. 23, 09:13:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger momma said...

Fingers crossed that you get the job! Anything away from Mean Jean would be heaven. Would you and Dave still be able to ride in together? Is it more money? Will you still be able to play with us during the day?


Have fun with the kiddos for a few more days.

Thu. Mar. 23, 09:17:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Zombs said...

Great news about the job Lights! I hope you get it!

Hurry back we miss you!

*makes yellow snow in Light's blog*

Thu. Mar. 23, 09:46:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger bobdechemist said...

I'm just imagining you at the eye doctors office answering every question with "The new one is MUCH better"

Thu. Mar. 23, 10:12:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Sonya said...

Do you think Sharon has a clue on Y&R?

Thu. Mar. 23, 10:16:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger lights said...

*smooches mtw* I've missed you too sunshine!

Don't worry Carey, I have enough Mean Jean stories stored up from 20 years of working for her that I could tell one a week for the rest of my life and still not run out.

I'll definitely keep you all posted Nutzy. I won't likely hear anything until next week and by then I'll be home again and won't have to share with the brats.

*smooches Breezy* When are you going to get a blog? I want Breezy stories!

I got the impression that I am near the top of the pile because they came looking for me so to speak. It definitely won't hurt to have one of the three managers as a childhood friend.

The report card wasn't great. He was failing one class (43), had marks below 60 in two others, but a good math mark. I praised him for the math mark and talked to him about the failing grade. He told me that one of his friends was really good in science and had offered to help him. I thought that showed that he was concerned about it too and had taken action to improve it. I also told him that I'd like to see the middle two marks come up too. I'll let my sister handle the yelling or punishment part. I'm the cool aunt! *grin*

*smooches CSTL & Syren*

Not sure what the money will be like but I'm sure it will be as much if not more plus I would have paid holidays and benefits. I have neither of those now. Dave and I would likely still be able to ride together. It would be a little more of a challenge but we could manage it. Not sure about the playing during the day. I didn't think it would be a good question to ask during my first interview. Maybe during the next round. *grin*

*snowmobiles over Zombie's yellow snow to bury it*

Bob, I told him that I'd just come from an interview and that my mind was still racing so he was extra patient with me. *giggle*

Hey Sonya! Yes, Sharon definitely has a clue. Make sure you see today's show. You'll know what I'm talking about. I love this storyline. Please let her run into Brad's arms for sympathy! *grin*

Thu. Mar. 23, 11:20:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

Hi Lights! Hopefully you've made it through the week of babysitting with flying colors!

Awesome news about the interview. What perfect timing. I think if you get the other job, you should tell Mean Jean to shove it.

Fri. Mar. 24, 09:42:00 a.m. EST  
Blogger Sonya said...

I watched it last night. I want her to run to Brad's arms too. I really want Nick and Phyllis t work out. That will be the talk of the town.

Have a great weekend!

Fri. Mar. 24, 09:46:00 a.m. EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have missed you too, and part of it is of course my fault.

It is just too crazy 'round here. Sometimes I really feel as though I could cry at work and I think about getting a new job.

Good Luck!!

Fri. Mar. 24, 02:55:00 p.m. EST  

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